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Recent Projects

Our aim is to empower the community and individuals within it to thrive and prosper and feel included. We achieve this through: Life skills development, Digital skills mastery, Confidence in speaking up, Forging connections online, Social entrepreneurship & Employability skills.

Innovate & Create

Project links: Event | Gallery
Exhibit and promote innovative digital art in the form of NFT’s created by learning-disabled adults. Artists will develop their creative talents and engage in digital inclusion using tech. Working alongside Leeds City of Culture 2023 there will be a prestigious launch event showcasing their art. NFT space is global therefore there will be scope for the artists to have a reach worldwide through their designs created. This will further help to change public perceptions of this community so that they are integrated into this new innovative space. This may be a significant change for web3 and the community of learning disabilities becoming innovators in this space.

Accessibility is a driver for Inspired-Nation and through the digital inclusion work will allow this community to understand how they can create art digitally online, introduce them to a new innovative space and help them become artists.

We want this community to pave the way for other learning-disabled adults to enter this creative world online and tap into their own potential.

  • Learning-disabled artists create digital art showcasing their work in a gallery.
  • Learning to use tech as design tools using a variety of digital skills such as Photoshop and Canva.
  • Making their art to be displayed in the gallery at the launch event.
  • Learning a variety of techniques for participants, experimenting, and finding out their preferred method.
  • Shine a light on the learning-disabled community as artists.
  • Change public perceptions of what the learning-disabled community can create in this innovative space.
  • Feel more included in web3 and technology.
  • Show the creative ability globally of learning-disabled artists.
  • Connect with other world leading creative NFT artists
  • Show learning-disabled adults as innovators in this field.
  • Give them a platform to speak-up and say what they want to see happen with the funding raised from their creations.

Digitally Include Me

Project links:  TikTok | Film
Digitally Include Me is a programme for learning-disabled adults so that they can learn many life and digital skills to thrive and feel equal within society. Digital networking and having a presence online are so important for this community as the digital divide is huge. This programme is designed to help close this gap by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to get online. Getting this community online helps them to know what is going on within their local areas and linking in with local online events, connect with peers and family members. Our aim is to counteract social isolation for this community. With funding through The Community Fund we have recently delivered this programme to Living Potential Farm to their learning-disabled members.

Life skills development

  • Confidence on camera
  • Having a positive mindset
  • Speaking up in front of audiences

 Social Media Marketing

  • Different platforms and how to use them
  • Tik Tok and Reels on IG
  • How to make your own clips
  • Looking into the Metaverse

Intro to Canva, Photoshop and Apps

  • Creating flyers
  • Creating fun posts for social media
  • Using apps for creativity and learning


We delivered a two-day mindfulness session to learning-disabled adults. Having the confidence to speak up for a person with a learning disability is essential for their mental health to say what they want from their life and how they want to be treated. Having the tools to de-stress is important for these individuals to enhance their life and create a positive mindset.

  • Confidence on camera
  • Having a positive mindset – learning how to meditate, journal.
  • Vision board training
  • We use vision boards during the session as it helps them to discover where they see their future paths and what they aspire to become. Because this is a visual project it helps overcome barriers for them to express in different ways and it works better for this community and is more accessible.
  • Having a more positive outlook on life and being grateful for the things that surround us is important for anyone’s mental health but adults with learning disabilities don’t have those tools and outlet to express their feelings in a meaningful
  • Retreat for Learning-Disabled Adults

    Nestled on ‘Living Potential Farm’ in the Yorkshire Countryside we ran a retreat for learning-disabled adults.

    The woodland wellness retreat in nature supported 8 learning-disabled adults. The feedback from all the attendees was incredible. The attendees were able to speak up about what their wishes were, how being in nature calmed them, how to meditate and understand what mindfulness means.

    They filmed each other speaking up on camera saying what being in nature meant to them, this helped them with their confidence of saying what they want and improved their speaking skills.

    Speaking up about what they want in their lives is important and finding out how to achieve it can support them to flourish which instantly helps improve their mental health.