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Support for People in Marginalised Communities

We support people in marginalised communities with a focus on learning-disabled and autistic adults. We help to develop creative and learning opportunities.

We are experts in community engagement. Our passion is to support people to thrive, speak up for themselves and live their best lives. Our ethos is to promote equality and diversity in society.


Amanda Haigh

Amanda was a business developer for Leep1 a self-advocacy organisation, spanning over 12 years and has set up several successful social enterprises over her time within the organisation which benefited the community she worked with.

Amanda has been advocating on behalf of learning-disabled and autistic adults and has grown the organisation into a well-known and highly respectable organisation across Leeds, with huge growth over the 12 years in post. 


Jan Wells

My key driver is to promote engagement in the Arts and Digital inclusion. I use digital media as a tool to develop confidence and self-expression and to promote the aspirations and interests of the learning-disabled community. I worked for 12 years as an adult learning tutor delivering film making and photography workshops in conjunction with a variety of organisations. We are both passionate about inclusion, diversity and equality.